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With a search warrant, an FBI team raided the home in So.California of Shylotte Hydorn, manufacter of the helium hood kits which are sold worldwide under the name of GLADD.

They confiscated her computer, her materials and her sewing machine.
She was warned of possible charges.
Thus for the time being GLADD will not be supplying kits

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  1. sallyT says:



    The local Police showed up at my door yesterday (06 June 2011) at forceably took me to a local hospital for a psych evaluation. I had to spend 5.5 hours convincing them that I was not intending to commit suicide.

    Just hours prior to this I was called by the San Diego FBI (yes….FBI) letting me know I would be receiving a letter soon because my name was involved in a fraud investigation and I was potentially a victim. She would not tell me who I was supposed to be a victim of. She was very reluctant to let me know anything about it.

    While being interogated by the hospital psychiatrist it was revealed that the police had been called by the FBI because my name and address were in the files at the GLADD Group that was raided. Because there was a record of me purchasing one of their kits (which, by the way I never got: ordered on 26 April, approx 1 month before they were raided) I ended up being very very close to being involuntarily admitted to the psych ward.

    Anyone out there that ordered one of there kits……..if you’re still with us be warned. You may get a visit by the police and carted off to the nearest hospital.

    I’m sorry if this isn’t written well but I’m still a bit in shock at the chain of events. Many more things happened last night because of this that are going to have long lasting effects. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do about any of it. I’m so freaked out right now.

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