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Some have been asking whether the Australian ‘Peanut Project‘ (This blog 9 Sept 06) in trying to produce a home-made form of the barbiturate, pentobarbital, succeeded or not.

As at this date (11 Oct 06) the Assay result has not been reported to us. Thus we do not know.

I should point out that the concept of the ‘Peaceful Pill’ means any form of self-deliverance (suicide legally) which brings about a hastened death in a quick, easy, non-medical manner. It does not mean just one simple pill to be popped and you’re checked out! Although may be ideal it may not be achieveable. We shall see.

All this research and hullaballoo into the P.P. would be unncessary if all countries changed their laws — as in the Netherlands and Belgium already — to allow physicians to administer pentobarbital intravenously to dying people who request it, accompanied by sensible rules and safeguards. But currently, politically this is a dream.

———-Derek Humphry, president, Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization (ERGO)

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